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Water for the higher use when mixing types of watering. Does your lawn sprinkler zone waters a variety of plants i.e. grass, bushes, flowers, and ground cover? You need to water to the neediest part of the landscape zone. Lawn grass usually needs the most, delicate plants and ground cover needs watering more often but less time. You may consider watering the deeper water lawn two or three times per week and then water every day for shorter times to get the other plants daily.

In a well-designed system the flower beds, shrubs and lawn will be on separate zones to avoid this problem. Most timers support multiple programs so that you can water some zones daily, some zones weekly or multiple times per week.

An option also might be is to let the sprinklers do the heavy lifting and spot water where you need to if your system is less than efficient. Remember that even the best designed and installed systems need good maintenance and when repairs are necessary use similar type heads, nozzles, and patterns. A1 Sprinkler repairmen often encounter a great system that no longer works well because over the years parts have been changed without regard for performance, volume, and distance. Adding to the system could cause it to lose the pressure and volume needed to perform as it should.

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need even more different watering schedules and do better when the roots get the water without watering the top of the plants. Drip irrigation or flood irrigation does this type of watering very well.

A1 Sprinklers Specializes in maintenance and repair in the Greater Salt Lake area since 1979. If you would like to schedule a repair please go to A1Spr.com or call us at 801-266-2511 and let us help you keep your landscape green, beautiful, healthy and efficient. Water wise.

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