Stop and Waste Valve

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Stop and Waste Valve

Repairing and replacing stop and waste valves.

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The stop and waste valve is designed to turn off the water and drain the system. When installed properly it is easy to get to and use.

Called by many names, the real name is stop and waste valve. In the language of plumbing, the word waste is synonymous with drain. The valve is installed at the same level as the main water line to the property below the frost line and stops the water from going into the system while the drain hole on the side or bottom of the valve allows water in the system to drain out. A stop and waste key (average 5-foot long tool) is required to reach the valve to turn it on or off. A shut off and drain valve can also be installed inside the home.

The valve has a stop on it that only lets you turn it so far. To turn the valve on it goes approximately 1/4 turn to the left to the stop and 1/4 turn to the right to turn off and drain. Depending on the brand of valve it can be very easy to turn or quite stiff.

The top of the valve is designed to break off if too much force is applied; we are not talking force under normal conditions. It is common to have water in the access tube after tuning the valve but the water should not stay long.

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