Begin watering in May in the Salt Lake Valley

In “normal” years the watering season starts about the first two weeks in May in the Salt Lake area. If you put fertilizer on it may increase the need to start watering earlier but not much. Your tender plants may need artificial water when planting i.e. gardens and flowers, new shrubs and trees. Daffodils, flags and tulips are usually just fine without any supplemental water. Enjoy your landscape but try not to overwater by watching for signs from the plants, grass and trees that they need water. You may want to invest in a wi-fi timer that can adjust for temperature and seasonal changes. The price of a good smart timer that you can adjust from your phone is not expensive and the water company may have a rebate for the improvements in your lawn sprinkler system. A1 Sprinklers carries a variety of sprinkler timers right on our service trucks including simple Wi-Fi timers. 801-266-2511

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