Spring Turn-On

Turn on and check, adjustments and repairs.

Getting the system up and running

Depending on how your system was winterized, make sure all drains and valves are in the operating positions, then turn on the main valve. After turning on the main valve you will need to allow a few minutes for the system to fill up and then check the entire system for leaks.

There should be no water running after a few moments for the valves to close. We suggest opening the meter lid to verify that no water is going through. Now is the time to check every zone and head. Fix any problems that you find and then shut the timer off until it is time to water.

Be careful during freezing temperatures.

Be careful of springtime temperatures. If everything is underground then you should be OK. If a mainline is exposed with constant pressure be careful to protect it from freezing.

Don’t water until needed.

In Salt Lake, we normally don’t need to water until the middle of May. It’s estimated that about 80% of the landscapes get more water than they need.

Adjust your timer often.

Overwatering costs you money and wastes water. Adjust your timer to run less often in cooler weather and increase it as needed during warmer weather.

Go through your entire system and check every head.

Take your time and watch carefully. Give the zone a chance to build pressure and check every head. A system that we installed for you is so reliable and easy to use that it is easy to forget about it!