Lawn sprinkler installation from your local experts.

A good sprinkler system design will separate the flowerbeds, lawn, garden, shady and sunny areas with minimal or no water on the street, sidewalks or house. Contrary to popular belief, watering the house does not help it grow. We prefer installing Rainbird sprinkler systems, but we service all brands.

A1 Sprinklers has perfected the existing landscape installation. Most trenches are dug by hand; we do not tear up your landscape any more than necessary. Existing grass is cut on one side of the trench and then folded back to allow the digging for the pipe, valves, heads, and wire. After all is in place, we simply refill the trenches with the removed soil and flip the lawn back into place. This is a lot of extra work but well worth the effort. If your lawn is in good shape when we start, you may not be able to see evidence of our work the next day after we finish.

A typical irrigation system installation takes about four days from start to finish. Blue Stakes will mark all underground public utilities a few days before we do the installation. At the start of the sprinkler system installation, we will go through the layout with our Foreman, Estimator, and you. This sprinkler installation process ensures we all understand what you want and you expect of us. This is also a great time for you to ask any specific questions we have not addressed/answered.