Wi-fi Timers

Talk about a fun, easy and an efficient way to water your landscape. The new generation of lawn sprinkler timer can connect to local weather and your phone. The ease of programming from the timer or phone is simple. If set to weather it can shut off when enough moisture has fallen, adjust for hot, cold or skip watering in freezing conditions. Once set up properly the timer can save water and time. You can turn on one zone at a time to check system or override programming from your phone. Check with your water company to see what kind of incentives or rebates are available. A1 Sprinkler can install your new timer in about 30 minutes. When combined with drip irrigation, efficient heads and a good design the timer can be a great value.

All of the manufactures seem to have a version, Rainbird, Toro, Hunter, Orbit, HydroRain

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