Backflow Prevention in Salt Lake City, UT, and Surrounding Areas

Backflow prevention installation and testing for your sprinkler system.

An image of a backflow prevention device in Salt Lake City, UT

Backflow Installation

There are criteria that must be met when installing your backflow prevention device for your sprinkler system. All assemblies are required to be tested within 10 days of installation.

Backflow Testing

By state and federal law, all backflow preventer assemblies are to be tested annually by an authorized tester. Some water departments want the testing done at the start of the watering season for lawn irrigation systems. The testing is quick and the water must be on to the assembly to perform the test. The water will not be available to the sprinkler system during a portion of the test.

Types of Assemblies

Reduced Pressure Assembly

  • The highest degree of protection.
  • This type is required when there is any cross contamination with the culinary (city) water supply.

Valve Dump

  • The valve will discharge if the system being protected pressure become higher than allowed compared to the source pressure.
  • The device by design reduces pressure by an average of 25%.

Pressure Vacuum Breaker

  • In the right conditions, this device is a good alternative to the more expensive reduced pressure principle assembly.
  • There is little pressure loss and is simple to maintain.

Double Check Assembly

  • There are a lot of these installed.
  • They were legal and proper a few years ago but are no longer allowed on new systems and when they cannot be repaired, they must be replaced with either a pressure vacuum breaker or a reduced pressure assembly.

Check Valve

  • Check valves do not have testing shut-offs and are no longer approved.

Vacuum Breaker

  • This simple little know device does not need to be tested, is self-draining and almost trouble free.
  • The vacuum breaker does have limitations.
  • It has to be a minimum of 6″ higher than anything that comes after it.
  • Can not have a valve after it.
  • Can not have any back pressure.