Complete landing services from design to installation.

Grading and site preparation, trees, bushes, flowers, and garden. Water features including, ponds, waterfalls and creeks, sod, sprinkler systems, and rock gardens.


No water needed? Not always true. The low maintenance landscapes need much less water long term but need to be watered until the plants become established.
Native plants when transplanted need consistent watering until fully established. Depending on the plant, you need to do this for about 3 years.

Rock Scapes

Beautiful rock gardens and accents. Low water use. Rock can be a very attractive addition to your landscape or the entire landscape. Accents, Rock River, Drainage, Property Protection, Little or no water, Buffer, and border.

Water Features

Create a beautiful yard by adding a garden water feature. A1 experts can help you choose what works best with your landscape design – ponds, waterfalls & more.

Outdoor Lighting

With outdoor lighting, you can add beauty, safety, and security to your home or business. The verity and quality for today’s products are huge. Under Water, Sidewalks, Driveways, Steps, Entryways, Accent, Timer controlled, Sensored & Low Voltage.