Interviewing prospective repairmen for next season.

Interviewing prospective repairmen for next season.

A1 Sprinklers will be adding two positions for repair technician next year. No specific experience is necessary but may be helpful in determining if you have what it takes to be a part of the GREAT A1 Sprinkler team.

What we give you:

Training, it takes about 3 years to train a repairman to be able to represent our company properly. Training in design, repair, timers, valves, pipe sizing, installation, wiring, fantastic customer service and more. You will have full access to the top people in our industry, some with decades of experience. Learn how to operate a company truck safely and considerately as well as other equipment.

Respect and appreciation from coworkers and grateful customers. We have the very best customers because we earn their respect by being the beast at what we do.

Use of company truck during working hours.

Top wages for top people, sometimes double of what you are used to after training steps are met.

Winters off.


Attributes we look for:

Honest, hardworking people, not afraid to use a shovel and have the ability to learn.

Drug free a must.

Good driving record and skills.

Understands what great customer service is all about.

You must sign a No compete agreement, we do not allow our employees working on the side or for others while employed with us. You must understand the importance of this.

Be able to lift 75lbs.

Must be able to turn, bend, kneel, twist and use a ladder.

Be able to pass a comprehensive background check.

We expect you to be punctual, properly dressed and ready for work.

Have or willing to invest in the hand tools to do your job in an efficient way.

Be comfortable with technology, we are cutting edge with the tools to do our job.

Our trucks are equipped with interactive GPS and your jobs sent directly to your truck.

Your company-supplied iPhone will have the information about your jobs.

Must be able to think problems through, often times we are called in to figure out a problem after several companies or people have attempted to repair or trouble shoot the problem.

A1 Sprinklers, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate. We encourage anyone to work for us that wants to be the best.

Respect the privacy and property of customers.

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