Winterize the lawn sprinkler

Schedule now!It is time to winterize the lawn sprinkler system! The Salt Lake area has had a hard freeze and there is little value in sprinkling the landscape. You may need to water new plants late into the fall but consider the need before leaving the sprinklers running. The ground itself has not frozen deep but any device above ground, like backflows or exposed pipes need to be drained or protected from air temperatures very soon. Remember to call us if you do have freeze damage, we repair all sprinkler systems. If you have water running remember to shut off the main valve as soon as possible to stop the water from doing more damage. If you’re on the benches of the Salt Lake area it will freeze sooner than the lower valley. The concern we have about freezing temperatures on anything below the ground is ground temp. not air temperature. It takes a little while for the ground to freeze. If you walk on the ground and it is soft the ground has not frozen yet. The steps to protecting your outside plumbing. Turn off the water source and open the drains, valves and devices that contain water. If you’re not sure how to winterize the sprinklers have A1 Sprinklers come out and show you how to take care of it properly. You can schedule online 24/7” Schedule now! Have a great and snowy winter.

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